Hoping that some day he will be her life,
She is running day by day,
But who knows that tomorrow might come or not,
And she might see him or not,
For the time he be could be hers or someone else’s the other day she doesn’t even know,
Hoping that she will be his life forever she’s living another day.

Let’s get connected….

Hey, guys, I am Neha, just found this word press to be interesting where you can blog as you wish and pour your heart in your own words….nice place to speak through, to open up what there is your mind and just write it down….I am also here to write it down what comes through maybe my own experiences or maybe seeing someone else….you can also share your view, comment me down ,write what you think……happy to be here….

I hope my blogs helps to create network with you and get connected to you all people …….😄😄